Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#790: Max Igan

Max Igan runs the website, which is, as you’d expect, a storehouse of New World Order conspiracies, paranoia, and incoherent support of virtually any branch of pseudoscience imaginable. The site is here, if this is your thing. Guess whether he thinks fluoride in the water lowers your IQ – and guess whether he uses quote-mining and misrepresentations to support it. Guess whether he thinks the Colorado Batman shootings were staged? Much of the material on Igan’s website consists of links to other people’s work (the Batman shooting one links to the even more rabidly insane Disclose TV, and “Scientists prove that DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies” links to Wake Up World, which makes even Disclose TV seem reasonable by comparison). Among his own material you'll find “A Practical Guide to Free Energy, and “The Cell Phone Poisoning of America”. He has also done some serious work collecting links and “information” on cancer, climate change, 9/11, chemtrails and the general decline of America and how everyone is out to get him – and every entry is, consistently, just a little bit crazier than the previous one you looked at.

Diagnosis: No, there is nothing really special about Igan and his website – there are thousands of such sites out there; it is nevertheless a fine representative of the madness and paranoia that clog up the internet.


  1. Are you really this stupid or just plaing dumb????

  2. nul nul - check this out;

  3. This site reeks of disinformation from the pathetic paid government shills